DNotesVault Launched!

DNotesVault is a web wallet for DNotes, available to all DNotes’ stakeholders at no cost. It is both simple to setup and secure, with 100% of the deposit kept in cold storage.

Smokey's Gardens Now Accepting
DNotes & Bitcoin Payments!

Smokey's Gardens is one of the largest growers of daylilies in the country, with over three thousand varieties and over five million plants in stock, we are able to service anyone from the home gardener, to collectors, and wholesale distributors.

Welcome to DNotes Mining Pool!

Providing you the best support and mining experience is our core mission. Our mining pool is dedicated exclusively to mining DNotes, sharing the same philosophies on the importance of trustworthiness and reliable value to our clients.

We are prompt, friendly and helpful. We charge a low 1% pool fee and no transaction fees. DNotes Pool also uses the proportional payout system, which means everyone gets paid equally per the amount of hashes they solve.

What is mining?

Mining is how transactions are processed and secured in the DNotes network.

Why mine DNotes?

DNotes is a digital currency created for the long haul, backed by a dedicated team of experienced professionals. Built on a solid foundation of trust and long term appreciation, DNotes is the crypto currency of the future with lasting value! Please feel free to stop by the bitcointalk.org forum to learn more about DNotes.

How do I get started?

Simply sign up for an account by clicking the register button, once you have successfully registered you may login in and click the "Getting Started" link for instructions.

Donations are greatly appreciated to help support the operation of this pool! You may donate by changing your donation percentage in the account administration panel or by sending DNotes directly to this address: DWPyNuGyDxpiAoEdJDewfxdr4y9G1h6pu2